Donatello Ninja Turtle | Purple Ninja Turtle Name

Donatello ninja turtle is also known as Don or Donnie. He wears the color purple and he is not only a great fighter, but he is sort of a scientist, who is always working on a new experiment.

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, are an iconic group in the superhero world and they have become incredibly popular, since the late 1980s. This team of rare superheroes is formed by four mutant turtles, whose names are Leonardo, Raphael, Michaelangelo, and Donatello.

The four of them are experts in the ninja arts and they are always fighting for the righteous people.  Their adventures are very famous around the world and they are certainly the idols of many young kids.

Today, we want to tell you a little more about one of these ninja turtles, as he is very special and is also admired by many.  Donatello ninja turtle is known as the smartest in the group and he is always looking for new ways to help out his brothers and everyone else as well.

Donatello Ninja Turtle

So if you want to know more about which ninja turtle wears purple and all that he does, just keep reading and find out.

Donatello is also known as Don or Donnie.  He wears the color purple and he is not only a great fighter, but he is sort of a scientist, who is always working on a new experiment.

The rest of the ninja turtles, usually ask Donatello for advice and are always ready to listen to what he has to say because he does have fantastic and helpful ideas.

His plans are always well thought and he always tries to solve conflicts without any violence.  Donatello is not only smart, but he is also friendly and knows how to respect others.

Donatello is not much of a joker, but he does laugh at his brothers´ jokes sometimes and he is always ready to have some fun.  He loves pizza and he loves science.

It has been said, that Donatello “has a way with machines” and this is certainly true, as he is mostly always working on some of his experiments and trying to come up with new weapons and tools, which the turtles could use to protect themselves and the innocent people too.

Donnie, is without a doubt, the “brains” of the team and if it wasn’t for him, the ninja turtles would of have been involved in a lot more problems.

Donatello, describes himself in TMT 2012 Series, as “I am the brains of this outfit, so I invent gadgets, weapons and awesome vehicles to keep me and my brothers safe.”

“I can also hack computer systems, crack security codes and break through firewalls.  The only thing that I can’t figure out is how to get our best friend April to notice me. Can someone help me please on how to make April notice me?”

Donatello Ninja Turtle & His Background

As mentioned above, Donatello is the brains of this superhero group, but he is definitely not the leader of the gang.  Donnie is sort of a geek, but he is also very good at fighting and he has rescued some of his brothers in many conflicts.

Donatello is the ninja turtle who spends the least time fighting and training the ninja arts.  Don prefers to spend his time either reading and studying biology, chemistry, technology, metallurgy, and mathematics.

While Donatello ninja turtle is not the leader of the gang, he is certainly one of the turtles who uses his logic and reason the most.  Donatello is also very worrisome about his brothers and is always looking out for them.

Donatello has also gone exploring on his own sometimes, as he works on things that his brothers usually do not understand or enjoy doing.  Don is sometimes a loner, as he spends many hours working on his experiments and learning new things.

While Donnie does know a lot of martial arts and ninja techniques, he usually prefers to put his trust on his inventions and gadgets.  He is considered a sci-fi geek by some and he is certainly a very interesting character, who has a special taste for different things.

Some of Donatello’s most popular phrases include:

  • Give it all you’ve got
  • But we are still chaining him up, right?
  • I´m serious sensei!!
  • AWWW Sewer Apples
  • Gentlemen and Raphael

Donatello does use some funny phrases and he does joke around from time to time.  He is an important character in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise and he certainly inspires many of us.

Purple Ninja Turtle Name

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, are all named after famous Renaissance painters and artists.  This was thought up by Splinter, their master, as he had just finished reading a book about the Renaissance era when he found the baby ninja turtles in a sewer.

The purple ninja turtle names comes from famous Renaissance sculptor Donatello, which in Italian means “gift”.  Donatello is his Kanji name and April sometimes calls him “Donny Boy”.

As mentioned above, Donatello is also known as Donnie or Don for short.  His brothers, Splinter, and April, almost always call him Donnie, except for when Splinter is mad at him and calls him by his full name.

Unlike the some of his brothers, Donatello does not have other nicknames and this is probably due to the fact that he is respected by the rest, as he is very smart.  When he is called Donnie, he usually smiles and his eyes open wide.

He loves to hear his name spoken by April and although he has not been able to come up with a way for her to notice him,  April does care about him very much.

More About The Donatello Costume

We already told you that Donnie is a purple mutant ninja turtle and this is why his skin is of a green color.  He has a turtle shell, which helps to protect him in fights and he also wears a bandana, as well as some other purple accessories.

Donatello is almost always seen with a purple mask on his face, which mostly only covers the top part of his face.  Donatello ninja turtle also wears wristbands, shoulder pads, knee pads and a belt, which is sometimes featured with a capital “D” on the buckle.

Donnie´s mask has two long tails in the back part and there are longer than the ones that Leonardo and Michelangelo wear.  Donatello is also featured with a noticeable gap between his front teeth and this does add some character to his costume.

Don has brown eyes and he is also one of the tallest ninja turtles.  If he has to go out in public, he will also wear a detective like coat and he will always wear a hat too.  Sometimes he is seen dressed as a scientist, with a lab coat and some goggles.

Donatello´s weapon of choice is the Bo, although, as mentioned above, he also enjoys using some of the weapons and gadgets that he invents.  He has been seen using all different kinds of weapons, but he almost always chooses to go back to his ninja fighting style.

Some Of The Best Donatello Ninja Turtle Pictures

Like the rest of his brothers, Donatello has been depicted differently throughout the years and in cartoons or movies.  The following are some popular Donatello Ninja turtle pictures, which will let you see exactly how he looks.

In this picture, you can see Donatello, with his very famous purple mask and with his Bo.  Although the rest of his accessories are not purple in this picture, he has been seen wearing all purple in other pictures.

This is one of Donatello’s latest pictures and as you can see, he is equipped with all sorts of gadgets, which he put together himself.  You can also see Donnie wearing some protective goggles, which he usually wears when he is working on a science project.

If you ever have doubts about which ninja turtle is Donatello, you should only look for the turtle that is wearing purple or that has lots of gadgets around him.  The gap in his front teeth will also allow you to identify Donatello ninja turtle.

In the picture above, you see Donatello in a fighting position and we can also see him wearing all purple accessories.  As you can see, he is very strong and he has been depicted with different colors of greens, in different movies and cartoon series.

Donatello is also one of the strongest ninja turtles and it is easy to notice because he has large muscles and his veins pop out all over his body.  He is also one of the ninja turtles that the others listen to and mostly everyone likes him.

Some Information About Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Toys Donatello

Most of the toys based on Donatello ninja turtle were created by a toy company named Playmates, as they got the rights and license to do so, back in the 1980s.  They produced many different toys based on this mutant turtle character and the kids simply love them.

Today, there are still many of these toys being sold around the world and some are worth tons of money.  Donatello is just as popular as the rest of his brothers and many people prefer his toys over the rest.

Some of the things that toy companies created, based on Donatello, include:

  • Action figures
  • Vehicles and gadgets that he invented
  • Lunch Boxes
  • Clothing
  • Costumes
  • School Accessories
  • Video Games
  • Shoes

All of these were used and play with by millions of kids around the world and today some companies are still creating toys based on Donatello and the rest of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles gang.

In the following video, you can see some of the most popular teenage mutant ninja turtles toys Donatello figurines in action.  The guy who created this video also shows us some other toys based on the teenage mutant ninja turtles characters and as you can see they are really nice.

There are so many different toys based on the ninja turtles that it is almost impossible to choose one that you like the best.  Whether you want to play with them and pretend to be fighting evil or just want to show them off, the toys based on Donatello are great.

In the following video, you can see an amazing real life Donatello costume, which includes lights and other gadgets.  Although this is probably a home made costume, there are some companies, like Rubie’s Costume Co, which have created fantastic Donatello costume´s too.

So if you really like Donatello, you can be certain that there are lots of toys and accessories for you to play with or even enhance your house or office with.  Children love to decorate their rooms with some of the ninja turtles toys and they certainly do look great.

There are even some bed sheets and pillow sheets, which will make any kids´ room more interesting and fun.  Some puffy dolls are also available and these work great as pillows or cushions.

As you can see, the toys based on Donatello ninja turtle are plenty and there is no reason why you shouldn´t be able to find some that you really love and enjoy playing with.


No matter how old you are, it is likely that you have heard about the Teenage Ninja Turtles and that you like most of them as well.  Now that you know more about Donatello ninja turtle, you should be able to admire him a bit more and give him credit for the many things that he has done.

Now, you know almost everything about the ninja turtle with purple mask and you should be able to understand, why so many kids and adults, admire him so much.  Because Donnie is a scientist, he could certainly lead many kids into becoming one as well.

This is one of the reasons that many parents love him and because he is also very nice, kids tend to like him as well.  Donatello ninja turtle is certainly a very special character of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle gang and he is loved by many.